Our Services
Video 2021 PC Project SUN SoC PresentationWe are building a strong network of support through six essential strategies:
  1. Helping families navigate the children's mental, emotional, and behavioral health system of care using trained staff and volunteer Community Navigators.
  2. Supporting families on their journey by training peer parent mentors and companions and offering appreciation events for caregivers.
  3. Assisting parents and youth in gaining the skills and experiences needed to participate actively in their care planning and delivery, as well as assisting them in providing leadership throughout the network.
  4. Offering professional development training for mental, emotional, and behavioral health service providers to help them implement evidence-based practices aimed at strengthening parent-child communication, interagency collaboration, and meeting other unmet family needs.
  5. Providing community education about mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues pertinent to children and their families. 
  6. Advocating for policies and resources to expand mental, emotional, and behavioral health services for children and their families in Kankakee County.