Gender Equity and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Addressing equity is paramount to establishing a children's mental health system of care that meets the needs of all youth and their families. Project SUN is undertaking an initiative to understand our different experiences and promote action towards equity and access to children's mental health services in Kankakee County. Project SUN strives to take into account different languages, cultures, races, genders, and economic situations, as well as different needs in the urban, rural, and suburban areas of the county.

Gender Equity and Sexual Orientation Discrimination An important step is to conduct a survey of Kankakee County residents about experiences with gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination, as well as gather other information to help guide future actions to promote greater equity.

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In the fall of 2022, Project SUN is planning to host informational sessions to bring awareness to the issues experienced by youth in the LGBTQ+ Community. These sessions will seek to recognize challenges and learn how to amplify voices in the promotion of equity for the LGBTQ+ youth community